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Israel’s CES 2020 Pavilion Will Showcase 22 Innovative Start-Ups (Games, Stationery & Gifts, IT & Communication, Latest News Israel, Top Stories, Upcoming Events, Upcoming Exhibitions)

Friday, November 29th, 2019

Still going strong after more than half a century, the annual CES convention has been celebrating and showcasing the latest consumer electronics innovations since the industry’s earliest days. Since 1967, the convention has expanded its mandate beyond strictly consumer electronics, and now attracts entrepreneurs, executives, thought leaders and journalists from every aspect of tech and […]

Ototo Design (Business Opportunities, Food & Beverage, Games, Stationery & Gifts) - NEW

Ototo design is seeking new and exclusive Australian distributors for its uniquely designed kitchen gadgets and houseware products. OTOTO is a Design company that creates, develops and distributes products on an international scale. Founded by Ori Saidi and Daniel Gassner 12 years ago, OTOTO specializes in unique kitchenware products with a humorous and unexpected twist. […]

Studio Salta (Business Opportunities, Games, Stationery & Gifts)

Studio Salta is seeking local distributors for their educational toys and stationery kits. Studio Salta is a design agency that creates a range of educational products for children aged 2-6. The team has over fifteen years of experience in graphic design, industrial design and illustration work. All original artworks are created by the team. More information can be […]

Baby-T, wearable Mp3 wristband (Business Opportunities, Education, Fashion & Textiles, Games, Stationery & Gifts)

Baby-T is a creative new patented product that is seeking a major distribution partner in Australia. Baby-T is a bracelet with a memory card and a recording chip inside. The USB that comes with the bracelet enables you to download music, bedtime stories, soothing sounds, songs, children’s educational programs and audio files. The files can be […]

EZ Mobile Phone Stand (Business Opportunities, D.I.Y & Home Hardware, Games, Stationery & Gifts)

EZ Stand is seeking major distributors in Australia. The patented prodict holds your phone for you for convenient viewing and use. The stand is adjustable to phone depth, width and angle. You can charge the phone while using the stand and it is suitable for most surfaces. The stand is silicone, meaning it is light for […]

Nadav Drori Frisbee (Business Opportunities, Games, Stationery & Gifts)

ProShader (Business Opportunities, D.I.Y & Home Hardware, Fashion & Textiles, Games, Stationery & Gifts)

BK Manufacturers is a company that is located in Shoham, Israel and has an office in Shanghai China and its main focus is to help companies execute their products from concept to mass production. BK gives full support of Prototypes, Molds, Production, Sourcing and QA services The BK team is managed by Ido Klein (Bsc […]

MIRKIN (Business Opportunities, Games, Stationery & Gifts)

Mirkin is a new brand in the field of business luggage which offer itself with a unique style and superior quality. In a global world more and more businessmen have to fly overseas for a short business trip, and we offer them comfort and style.

Sleepyway (Games, Stationery & Gifts)

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Jumboard ltd. (Games, Stationery & Gifts, IT & Communication)

Despite the proliferation of personal computers and the Internet, children under the age of four are currently very limited in their use of computers. The main obstacles are the children’s fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, which are not fully developed, as well as limited language and reading skills. This makes it difficult for them […]