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OTTO Restaurant (Finance, Banking & VC's, Food & Beverage, Older Business Opportunities)

OTTO Restaurant is looking to establish itself as the leading edge purveyor of the Gastro-Techno experience. There is nothing quite like this anywhere in the world. In order to achieve this OTTO is actively seeking an investor / investors to fund its first Restaurant in Tel Aviv. The investment is in the order of US$ […]

Nominal Small Business Accounting Software (Finance, Banking & VC's, IT & Communication, Older Business Opportunities)

Nominal Accounting Software is fully-featured accounting software that includes many features you would only expect from top end (i.e. expensive) accounting packages. Nominal Accounting offers your business the following benefits: * Simple, user-friendly interface (based on Office Ribbons) * Basic payroll functions, employee payroll details, pay cycles and pay slips * The ability to manage […]

Eilat Law Offices (Finance, Banking & VC's, Older Business Opportunities, Projects & Engineering)

International Law and collecting services Member of TCM group (, ACA organization ( and The International Association of Commercial Collectors, ( More info, TCM Group

E|K|M patent (Finance, Banking & VC's, Older Business Opportunities)

C_tenon Worldwide Executive Search (Finance, Banking & VC's, Older Business Opportunities)