Film Industry

XTRMX Ltd (Business Opportunities, Film Industry, IT & Communication)

XTRMX is seeking distributors and customers in the broadcast media and film post-production industry. XTRMX addresses industrial collaboration needs with an exclusive, in-house technology. It has developed the ‘Modus’ media engine, which allows content to be updated, edited and reviewed without having to upload the media file. The product’s key advantages are summarised below: Enables […]

P.P.E. (Film Industry, Older Business Opportunities)

p.p.e is an Israeli based company, distributing professional video equipment (cameras and accessories) and professional photography gear. The company works with private customers as well as enterprise customers, providing the services of procurement, importing and delivery of the equipment.                                         We are looking for distributors, vendors of the following equipment types: High Definition (HD) video cameras. […]

Laserlink (Film Industry, IT & Communication, Older Business Opportunities)

Laserlink manufactures high quality photo paper digital albums (flush Mount albums), and equipment for the digital albums manufacturing process.