Fashion & Textiles

IMAHOT (Business Opportunities, Fashion & Textiles)

Imahot is looking for sales reps or new stores to feature their clothing in. IMAHOT is a high-quality brand from Israel with its products sold in Europe, Australia and the Far East. IMAHOT’s wonderful collection of maternity clothes, which double as nursing clothes, is made with love and dedication in Israel. A mother of three […]

Gaya Boutique (Business Opportunities, Fashion & Textiles)

GaYa Boutique is a new brand in the Bedroom fashion. My name is Yael Gal and I’m in charge of designing and market understanding of GaYa Boutique Beddings. We are working closely with a leading manufacturers of beddings in Israel, who have an extensive experience, high international standards, tight quality control and proven capacity to […]

ProShader (Business Opportunities, D.I.Y & Home Hardware, Fashion & Textiles, Games, Stationery & Gifts)

BK Manufacturers is a company that is located in Shoham, Israel and has an office in Shanghai China and its main focus is to help companies execute their products from concept to mass production. BK gives full support of Prototypes, Molds, Production, Sourcing and QA services The BK team is managed by Ido Klein (Bsc […]

Sister M (Business Opportunities, Fashion & Textiles)

The brand Sister M was established in 2008 by the sister Meital Ron Mitrani and Rahya Mitrani. They grew up in a household that lived and breathed art, design  and various forms of crafts. Their mother has also studied Fashion design and she became a role model for them throughout the years. From early age they would sit by their mom’s sewing machine and create […]

Fair Marketing Ltd. (Business Opportunities, Fashion & Textiles, Life Science)

Fair Marketing is a well known company in the Israeli optical industry for over 40 years. Recently we developed and designed a new brand called “JUST eye fashion+” with an interchangeable temples system. This line of products had great success and positive feedback on the Israeli market as well as in all the leading international […]

ELEGANT FORM (Fashion & Textiles)

Comfort Wear is a pioneering manufacturer of innovative underwear solutions. comfort Wears mission is to be an innovative leader We offer our Innovative underwear production: Pregnancy and Maternity underwear; Nursing   Maternity bras; Breast feeding shirts; Plus size underwear; Warm and Cool breast pads;

Chagim Nechalim (Fashion & Textiles, Games, Stationery & Gifts, Older Business Opportunities)

Chagim Modan is Israel s largest producer, importer, distributor and exporter of outdoor   camping gear equipment, stationary and back to school goods. With nearly 30 years experience, Modan had succeeded to place its products in one line with the world s leading names, while being recognized for its innovation and combination of fun, comfort and […]

TRELYA (Fashion & Textiles, Older Business Opportunities)

Boutique blankets

Ktantanimbaofek ltd (Fashion & Textiles, Older Business Opportunities)

Ktantanim Baofek is a company that works for over than 25 years. The company imports varied products that are sold all over the country. You can find products like baby bibs, mosquito net and blankets. All products are high quality.

La Robe Bleue (Fashion & Textiles, Older Business Opportunities)

   La Robe Bleue is a designer, manufacturer and distributor of women’s fashions, with an emphasis on maternity wear.   La Robe Bleue very quickly gained an international reputation for its line of chic maternity clothes geared for the many needs of today’s professional mothers and mothers to be. Recognized for its unmistakable European flair, […]