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RE:IL – The Retail Innovation (Business Opportunities, Events & Exhibitions, Events in Australia, Fashion & Textiles, Food & Beverage, Games, Stationery & Gifts, House and Family Products, Packaging & Plastics, Past Events)

Israel’s Virtual Expo 2020 The Retail Innovation Israel, RE:IL event in Israel, initiated by the Israel Export Institute and the Foreign Trade Administration at the Ministry of Economy and Industry is our first and biggest virtual retail technology expo. The event will feature a virtual exhibition of 21 innovative Israeli companies in the field of […]

Details: September 8th - 9th 2020 @

Donde Mobile (Business Opportunities, Fashion & Textiles, News) Donde Fashion provides a platform that helps users find the exact outfits they are looking for by searching according to visual features across thousands of brands and retailers in seconds. Donde’s search uses artificial intelligence technology to think like the shopper in order to display results that match what the user has in mind. […]

From the Runway to Retail: Inside Israeli Fashion Tech (Fashion & Textiles, Latest News Israel, News, Top Stories)

Tuesday, March 24th, 2020

Amid major advances in technology, even industries long seen as low-tech are reaping the benefits of new innovations – and fashion is no exception. Israeli technology has played a pivotal role in the rise of fashion tech, with local startups and designers harnessing the country’s strengths in such domains as artificial intelligence, e-commerce, 3D technology, […]

How Israel Is Driving Innovation in Consumer Goods Technology (Cosmetics & Toiletries, Fashion & Textiles, Latest News Israel, Top Stories)

Friday, November 22nd, 2019

Technology is sparking innovation across all walks of life and the consumer goods sector is no exception. From health and beauty, to food, to ecommerce, cutting-edge technology is enhancing products and bringing greater convenience and efficiency to consumers’ lives. The consumer packaged goods industry is harnessing IT to create direct relationships with consumers, manage demand-driven […]

Mayaya (Business Opportunities, Fashion & Textiles)

Mayaya is a kidswear brand which started 3 1/2 years ago and currently sells from Israel to Worldwide. Mayaya is internationally beloved for their boho streetwear with a strong urban sensibility. Strong graphics, muted palettes, soft cotton, and sophisticated silhouettes are the foundation of the brand, which is 100% designed and manufactured in Israel.   Mayaya […]

Blush Fashion (Business Opportunities, Fashion & Textiles)

Blush are a wedding dress boutique, making affordable and comfortable ready to wear boho style wedding and bridesmaids dresses ranging in price from $99-$500. They are looking for an Australian wedding dress boutique to partner with and sell their designs in Australia

Nimrod Group (Business Opportunities, Fashion & Textiles)

The Nimrod Group is seeking opportunities to introduce the Elefanten children’s shoe brand into the Australian market. They are seeking to connect with the largest distributors for children’s shoes in Australia. The Nimrod Group specialises in children’s footwear and has more than 100 retail outlets in Israel. The company has an exclusive license to manufacture Elefanten […]

Morena Design (Business Opportunities, Fashion & Textiles)

Morena is seeking distributors in the Australian market for its premier range of designer swimwear. Morena’s swimwear is made from European fabrics. In addition to their original and unique designs, its swimwear is comfortable and durable. The typical tridimensional elasticity of Sensitive® Fabrics and the high percentage of LYCRA® elastic fiber allows for perfect freedom […]

Offis Textile – bedding textiles (Business Opportunities, Fashion & Textiles)

Offis Textile is seeking distributors and buyers in the home and textile industry. Offis Textile is an Israeli Textile Manufacturer operating since 1970, specialising in the processes of dying, printing and finishing of woven fabrics to the highest standards.  In addition to its fabric lines, Offis also manufactures ready made products under private label. Apart from being […]

Baby-T, wearable Mp3 wristband (Business Opportunities, Education, Fashion & Textiles, Games, Stationery & Gifts)

Baby-T is a creative new patented product that is seeking a major distribution partner in Australia. Baby-T is a bracelet with a memory card and a recording chip inside. The USB that comes with the bracelet enables you to download music, bedtime stories, soothing sounds, songs, children’s educational programs and audio files. The files can be […]