TransBiodiesel (Business Opportunities, Energy) - NEW

TransBiodiesel is seeking to connect with partners and investors in the biodiesel and waste collection and treatment industry to form a joint venture. The company is looking for joint ventures with biodiesel players, government organisations, corporate investors, VCs, and project investors. TransBiodiesel is the manufacturer of unique immobilized enzymes used for the production of biofuel (biodiesel) from […]

Sensoleak (Business Opportunities, Energy)

Sensoleak is seeking partners in the Australian oil and gas industry. Sensoleak has developed an advanced pipeline maintenance system that prevents oil and gas leakage and other critical failures in energy equipment. Sensoleak’s diagnostic system is based on a statistical algorithm that processes the data from the sensors installed on the diagnosed mechanical part. It monitors […]

Yam Pro Energy (Business Opportunities, Energy)

Yam Pro Energy is seeking partners to implement wave energy in Australia.  Yam Pro Energy is an Israeli-based renewable-energy company. The company’s objective is to plan, build and operate sea wave power plants worldwide and sell the electricity at the lowest price per KW. The company has an ocean wave energy technology patent that converts wave […]

PRESS RELEASE – Israel’s Ammonia Production Plant (Chemical, Cleantech, Energy, Projects & Engineering, Top Stories)

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

PRESS RELEASE Request for opinions and information from the public on the meanings of establishment of ammonia production plant, extracted from natural gas in Israel for the local market The ministry of industry, trade and labor is examining his position towards the need for government assistance as part of the ministry assisting tools for the […]

Amicell (Energy, Older Business Opportunities)

Amit Industries Ltd., has since assembled and marketed – under the brand name “Amicell” – standard and custom-made battery packs in a wide range of technical formats such as Li-Ion / Polymer, Ni-MH, Ni-Cd, etc, as well as various charging systems. Our reputation of excellence has been achieved through the joint effort of our professional […]

Tamor S.M.R. Ltd (Agriculture, Automotive, Subcontracting, Metal & Machinery, Construction, Energy, Older Business Opportunities, Projects & Engineering, Security & Safety, Transportation & Logistic, Water)

Tamor S.M.R. Ltd manufactures metalwork and rubber vulcanized components and assemblies for the heavy wheeled and tracked vehicle industry.  Our products are suitable for Defense, Civil and Industrial applications.  In-house we manufacture to customer specifications by implementing: Metalwork – CNC machining, MIG / TIG welding, forming, deep drawing, cutting, stamping, shot peening, painting and preservation […]

Amitec Ltd. (Energy, Older Business Opportunities)

Amitec Ltd. is the developer of- SolGuard™ – The only “all in one” software solution designed for secure, monitoring and maintenance of solar installations while maximizing site performance. Provides a massive improvement in energy yield and site profitability. Management of multiple solar installations with a single click. Real-time visualization of all types of events on […]

SeaNergy Electric (Cleantech, Energy, Older Business Opportunities, Water)

 A breakthrough in renewable energy,  A new technology that harnesses the energy of the waves.SeaNergy produce renewable energy at zero carbon footprint

Novo Comp (Electronic, Energy, Older Business Opportunities)

Novo Comp have over 18 years experience in selling Electronic Components and looking for new opportunities and representation of Semiconductors manufacturer.

Tamuz Electronics Ltd (Business Opportunities, Electronic, Energy, Older Business Opportunities)

Tamuz Electronics Ltd. specializes in the development, production and marketing of innovated and advanced energy systems and power components for a wide range of customers, business sectors and applications. Tamuz has the capability to provide “off-the-shelf”, as well as custom-designed solutions for any application – resulting in efficient working systems achieving the perfect solution. Tamuz […]