D.I.Y & Home Hardware

ZICO TECH LTD (D.I.Y & Home Hardware)

ZICO TECH design products for Hardware ,Electrical supplies, Electronics supplies ,DIY chain store and Security Supplies. Two products relevant for the Australian Market are 1. Security Camera Tester for Technions 2. Dobule Power soldering iron- Gun Shape

Parma Shutters Technologies (Business Opportunities, Construction, D.I.Y & Home Hardware)

Parma Shutters Technologies is seeking strategic partners, investors and distributors for its range of  high  end architectural fenestration products such as Sun louvers, Window shutters, Facades, etc. with access to the leading architects of luxury villas and apartments. Parma Shutters Technologies has developed an innovative ‘Tilt & Stack’ mechanism for louvered shading products. The unique […]

AQUATAL GROUP LTD (Cleantech, D.I.Y & Home Hardware, Older Business Opportunities, Projects & Engineering, Water)

The availability of clean water is fast becoming an issue of great concern the world over. For over 30 years AQUA TAL has been working to meet the growing need for better quality, cleaner water by developing, producing and marketing a comprehensive range of water treatment systems. With extensive knowledge and vast experience, AQUA TAL […]

WetNaps (Cosmetics & Toiletries, D.I.Y & Home Hardware, Older Business Opportunities)

Wetnaps is a global innovative wet wipes manufacturer based in Caesarea, Israel. They are a private-label company offering tailor-made solutions for Baby-Care Wipes, Cosmetic Wipes and Cleaning Wipes.

Hollandia International (D.I.Y & Home Hardware, Older Business Opportunities)

Hollandia International has perfected the ultimate night’s sleep with precision engineered systems that have created an unequaled industry standard. Its lines combine superior craftsmanship with the finest, highest quality materials, ensuring users luxurious relaxation. Hollandia International Sleep System Motors Smooth, fast, whisper-quiet efficiency that customizes the contour of the mattress to fit your most comfortable […]

Sapio (D.I.Y & Home Hardware, Older Business Opportunities)

Sapio specializes in the design and manufacturing of creative solutions for  consumer goods mainly for Home Improvement and DIY markets. Fore more info please see below or visit their website www.sapio.co.il sapio company profile6.2010 Happy ShowerData Sheet 7.2010

BlueDesert (D.I.Y & Home Hardware, Games, Stationery & Gifts, Older Business Opportunities)

By way of review – BlueDesert® is an Israeli company located in the Negev Desert.  We have been manufacturing innovative products and accessories for over 22 years.  We produce seven lines of products: SmarTube® (drinking system for bottles), SmarTube® hydration pack (water bottle hydration packs), Keep2go™ (personal travel tube container), Cap2go™ (ClipCap™ bottle carrier), Bottelito™ […]

R. A. Furniture Ltd. (Business Opportunities, D.I.Y & Home Hardware, Older Business Opportunities)

Company Name:        R. A. Furniture Ltd. Contact Person:          Mr. Avraham Rozner Address:                      19 Haharoshet St., Industrial Area, Kiryat Bialik 27114, Israel Telephone No.:          972-73-2567000 Fax:                             972-73-2567007 E-Mail:                         avri@rarihut.com Website:                      www.roome.co.il Year of Establishment:  1995 No. of Employees:      110 Summary of offer:      Export of Furniture  Description of offer: We are an industrialized indoor furniture manufacturing plant, […]

The Geyser (D.I.Y & Home Hardware, Food & Beverage, Older Business Opportunities)

The Geyser LLC is an innovative organization and has patented inventions for the Kitchen Accessories Market. The presently marketed product represent a revolutionary new way of basting roast meats and fowl (e.g. turkeys, roast beefs, etc.). This new technology collects the juices released from the meat and recycles them back, through a tube and a […]

Kleen (D.I.Y & Home Hardware, Older Business Opportunities)

Kleen is a subsidiary of the Klir group and is the leader in the Israeli household cleaning and paper products market and in the professional institutional equipment sector. The Klir group was founded in 1984 and has includes some 300 employees. The company’s vision and objectives are first and foremost the manufacturing and supply of […]