Cosmetics & Toiletries

Alona Shechter (Business Opportunities, Cosmetics & Toiletries)

Alona Shechter is seeking to distribute its premium range Dead Sea mineral products to skin clinics, spas, pharmacies and dermatologists in Australia. Alona Shechter is a company rich in knowledge in the area of innovation for beauty and health products. The company, which was founded in 1994, has a fine reputation in the cosmetics industry in […]

Capri – Cannara skincare range (Business Opportunities, Cosmetics & Toiletries)

Capri is seeking distributors in the cosmetics industry for its unique anti-aging skin care products. Capri’s Cannara skin care product is a unique Hemp Seed Oil based development. Hemp Seed Oil is considered the most robust oil in the world, and is known for its numerous and diverse healing qualities. It contains the highest rate of […]

Chic Cosmetic Industries (Business Opportunities, Cosmetics & Toiletries)

Chic Cosmetic Industries is seeking distributors for their range of unique skincare and beauty products. Chic Cosmetic Industries also offers tailor made solutions for beauty care distributors. Chic Cosmetic Industries is a future oriented company that develops, manufactures and markets a diverse range of beauty care products, both under its own brand and for private label requirements. Chic’s product range […]

SunZee (Business Opportunities, Cosmetics & Toiletries)

SunZee is a stylish, wearable sunscreen dispenser to encourage the re-application of sun lotion and protect people from sun damage. They are currently raising here via a kickstarter campaign. Designed to be worn on the wrist so it’s always in sight and within reach, the SunZee “takes sunscreen out of the bag and onto your wrist for on-the-go […]

Sensica Hair Removal Technology (Business Opportunities, Cosmetics & Toiletries)

Sensica Hair Removal Technology by EL Global Trade Ltd is a new brand of effective, home, hair removal devices. Sensica  is seeking a distributor and OEM/ODM development and manufacturing partnerships in Australia. The range can be viewed at After many years of being in the forefront of the professional medical aesthetics field, the founders […]

Minus417 Cosmetics (Business Opportunities, Cosmetics & Toiletries)

Minus417 Cosmetics is seeking a distribution partnership in Australia. Minus417 Cosmetics is a Premium Cosmetic brand offering collections of exclusive skin care products based on natural active ingredients together with moisture-balancing minerals from the lowest place in the world, the Dead Sea, 417 meters below Sea Level. Minus417 develops, manufactures and distributes innovative beauty products based […]

Zoom Zoom (Business Opportunities, Cosmetics & Toiletries)

‘Zoom Zoom’ is a high quality mosquito repellant with a competitive price point, owned by reputable company BMB Holdings. The roll-on repellant is effective for long lasting protection for adults and children against insects and it is approved by the Israeli Ministry of Health. They are seeking partners for long-term business in Australia.

Alma-K (Business Opportunities, Cosmetics & Toiletries)

Alma-K is a luxurious but affordable Dead Sea skin product brand. They are looking to establish a strong relationship with a department store in Australia and have been highly successful in department stores in Europe. Alma K specializes in naturally based skin care products from the Dead Sea. Products are manufactured in Israel near the Dead Sea, according […]

Sano International (Business Opportunities, Cosmetics & Toiletries)

Sano is the largest non-food company in Israel, specialising in a quality range of skin and body care products. To see the product range click here. Sano has specifically expressed interest in distributing via major retailers in Australia. They are experienced international exporters.

E.B.K Global Ltd (Business Opportunities, Cosmetics & Toiletries)

E.B.K Global Ltd are looking for a distributor for the Australian market. They are an Israel based authorized distributor of high-quality skincare and cosmetics, such as Premium Dead-Sea products and professional hair care. Our company was established back in 2008, and since then, we have been successful in creating sustainable business relations based on trust […]