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Israel’s Drone Industry Reaches New Heights, Tackles Public Challenges (Aviation & Aerospace, Business Opportunities from Australia, Electronic, Latest News Israel, News, Projects & Engineering, Security & Safety, Top Stories, Transportation & Logistic)

Monday, March 16th, 2020

As governments worldwide ramp up their efforts to combat the global coronavirus pandemic, officials and healthcare providers are turning to a broad suite of technologies – big data analytics, telemedicine, and even drones. Whether for surveying affected areas, delivering medical samples and quarantine supplies, or monitoring and protecting crops, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) stand to […]

Innovation Xchange: Innovation Challenge (Business Opportunities, Business Opportunities from Australia)

InnovationXchange has been established by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to catalyse and support innovation across the Australian aid program. InnovationXchange identifies, trials and scales up successful approaches to problem solving in collaboration with partners. InnovationXchange also aims to share learnings and broker new connections so that innovation becomes intrinsic to the […]

National Innovation and Science Agenda (Business Opportunities, Business Opportunities from Australia)

Israeli companies seeking to work in the Australian market should seek to understand the current government’s National Innovation and Science Agenda. The agenda seeks to encourage a start-up eco-system to embrace new ideas in innovation and science, and harness new sources of growth to deliver the next age of economic prosperity in Australia. The core […]

ARENA targets 150MW in Remote Renewables Program (Business Opportunities from Australia)

The Australian government has formally announced a major initiative to boost renewable energy deployment in remote areas where settlements and mining projects have no connection to the grid, and which have relied almost entirely on fossil fuels to date. The Australian Renewable Energy Agency, as foreshadowed on RenewEconomy last month, will allocate $400 million to […]