Automotive, Subcontracting, Metal & Machinery

Inter vox (Automotive, Subcontracting, Metal & Machinery, Business Opportunities)

Inter vox is a car-installed alarm to make sure you never leave accidentally someone important behind. Baby vox is a preventative system used to detect a forgotten child in a private vehicle. For those interested in getting in touch, please contact us.

D.Sheffer – Helmet Hanger (Automotive, Subcontracting, Metal & Machinery, Business Opportunities)

      Tired of never having a place for their motorcycle helmet, D.Sheffer created a simple and effective helmet hanger that also has a place for keys and coats. Developed by an avid motorcyclist, the hanger can be installed in less than two minutes. D.Sheffer is looking for an Australian distributor for their helmet […]

Liad – plastic manufacturing technology (Automotive, Subcontracting, Metal & Machinery, Business Opportunities)

LIAD is the leading developer of innovative feeders, blenders and quality control equipment for plastic manufacturing. The Liad range includes: Feeders – LIAD feeders are the most advanced in the industry. LIAD was the first to introduce a single component gravimetric feeder for injection molding machines – ColorSave 1000, and is now the first to introduce a […]

Eazy Lifter (Automotive, Subcontracting, Metal & Machinery, Business Opportunities)

Eazy Lifter is a smart wheel dolly for heavy duty vehicles, such as trucks, designed in Israel.   They are seeking a distributor in Australia.

Citala (Automotive, Subcontracting, Metal & Machinery, Business Opportunities, Construction)

Citala is a leading developer and manufacturer of Onyx™, a Liquid Crystal based electro optical films. Our basic film provides privacy on demand in a switch of a button. Citala’s innovative films are already used in various markets and applications enables the creation of innovative solutions for a wide range of products including Privacy Glass, […]

FA Metal Products LTD (Automotive, Subcontracting, Metal & Machinery, Business Opportunities)

FA is an highly qualified sub-contractor which founded in 1982. We are offering services with the highest standards of quality and technical expertise. The company is ISO 9001:2000 certified and has more than three decades of experience in mass production and fabrication of parts and components from numerous materials (aluminum, stainless steel, etc) for various […]

Gurfilter (Automotive, Subcontracting, Metal & Machinery)

Gur Filter is a subsidiary of Zoko Enterprises Ltd., a public company trading on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. In Israel Zoko Group operates 3 geographical centers and 8 sales and service outlets. Currently, our product range includes a few thousand items- a great variety of fuel, diesel, air, cabin, oil, transmission and carburetor filters. […]

Aizinberg Melech & Sons Ltd – IHL UK Imperial Hose Ltd (Automotive, Subcontracting, Metal & Machinery, Business Opportunities, Projects & Engineering)

We are a company dealing in import, export and marketing of Hydraulic equipment – especially Hydraulic hoses such as: Hoses 1SN, 2SN, R4, R5, R7, 4SP, 4SH, R12, R13, Steam Hose, Air Hose, Spray Hose Hydraulic Fittings, Adapters, Gauges, Quick Couplings Crimping Machines, Swaging Machine, Skiving Machines and more.

Alex Original Ltd. (Automotive, Subcontracting, Metal & Machinery)

Alex Original has been a manufacturer, since 1959, of transport refrigeration and A/C for commercial vehicles.

Micro-Point Pro Ltd. (Automotive, Subcontracting, Metal & Machinery)

Micro-Point Pro Ltd. is a leading customized solutions provider for the semiconductors and other micro-electronic devices assembly industry, with the strong foundation of Kulicke & Soffa Bonding Tools (Micro-Swiss). Micro Point Pro applies over 40 years of experience and expertise in the design and manufacturing of micro tools such as: Wire Bonding Wedges, Die Attach […]