Older Business Opportunities

Baccara Geva (Cleantech, Older Business Opportunities)

For over 40 years Baccara has been a market leader in the design and manufacture of automation products including: solenoid valves, air valves, air cylinders and nylon tubing for industrial, agricultural and irrigation applications. Baccara products are found in all areas of automation, designed to be dependable in the most adverse environments such as marine, […]

Atlantium Technologies (Cleantech, Older Business Opportunities)

As a company in the clean-tech space, Atlantium not only focuses on manufacture and sales but continues to conduct research to develop new applications and perfect existing ones. Its offices include full-scale testing facilities and a microbiology lab. Research is led by PhDs from the fields of physics, water and microbiology. Atlantium sales and technical […]

Amiad Australia (Cleantech, Older Business Opportunities)

Amiad Australia (AA) is a fully owned subsidiary of Amiad Filtration Ltd. The company was established in Australia in 1979 – and been in business for the last 30 years. We supply Amiad Water Filtration, Air valves, Control valves, and complete solutions of a wide range of water treatment plants that include: Reverse Osmosis, Ultra […]

A.R.I. Flow Control Accessories Ltd (Cleantech, Older Business Opportunities)

The company was founded in Tel Aviv in 1970 and supplied the needs of the local market for air valves and check valves. In 1978 the factory was transplanted to its current location at Kfar Haruv and now exports almost 80% of its sales. In this time period, employment increased from 10 workers to 140. […]

InspireMD (Life Science, Older Business Opportunities)

Biomedical company that manufactures medical equipment for interventional cardiology [stents]. They are looking for a distributor of medical devices in the interventional cardiology field, well established finnancialy and regulatory wise.

Amir Marom – Business Consulting (Older Business Opportunities, Service Provider)

Amir Marom is a well respected business consultant with wide managerial experience who offers business development services and representation to global companies, business men, and entrepreneurs who wish to penetrate the Israeli market.

TRAUB (Older Business Opportunities, Packaging & Plastics)

High Quality printed boxes. We design and produce custom printed boxes according to customer’s demand. We design a 3D model of the box with the buyer’s requested print. Printing, vacuum forming, etc. is also available for the box interior. Pictures of products can be sent upon request.

Alarz (Food & Beverage, Older Business Opportunities)

Al Arz Tahini was founded in 1992 as a small family business in Nazareth, Israel. Assad Zaher, an engineer by training, designed a special production method that created a tahina unequaled by any other in its fresh, natural flavor. Thus tailored to discriminating tastes, Al Arz Tahini quickly became a favorite of fine restaurants and […]

Mobydom LTD. (IT & Communication, Older Business Opportunities)

The Pango (Park & Go) system is the most technologically advanced system of its kind in the world, allowing you to pay for your parking time in blue and white parking zones using your cellular telephone, without the need for parking cards or parking meters. It is simple, economical and user-friendly. The service involves no […]

PowerPlug Ltd. (Business Opportunities, Cleantech, IT & Communication, Older Business Opportunities)

PowerPlug Ltd is an Israeli based company which develops innovative computer power management solutions for organizations and end consumers. The company products enable organizations and consumers of all types and sizes to implement power saving on their computers quickly and easily and save money, without any interference to maintenance activities or to end  users. In […]