Business Opportunities

Al Cielo Inertial Solutions (Aviation & Aerospace, Business Opportunities) - NEW

Al Cielo is seeking to partner with local OEMs in the defense and security market that are in need of an inertial solution for navigation or stabilisation of their products. Al Cielo is a premier manufacturer of high-performance Closed Loop Fiber Optic Gyros and Inertial Measurement Units for defense and commercial guidance and stabilization applications. They […]

Parma Shutters Technologies (Business Opportunities, Construction, D.I.Y & Home Hardware) - NEW

Parma Shutters Technologies is seeking strategic partners, investors and distributors for its range of  high  end architectural fenestration products such as Sun louvers, Window shutters, Facades, etc. with access to the leading architects of luxury villas and apartments. Parma Shutters Technologies has developed an innovative ‘Tilt & Stack’ mechanism for louvered shading products. The unique […]

DYN R&D (Business Opportunities, Life Science) - NEW

DYN R&D is seeking to partner with distributors for diagnostic products and distributors for women’s health products in Australia. DYN R&D was founded in 2002 as a development and commercialization subsidiary of DYN Diagnostics Group, since 1990 one of Israel’s largest distributors of leading international brands in the fields of In-Vitro Diagnostics, Medical Devices, Over-the-Counter Products, Disposables and more. DYN […]

mPrest (Business Opportunities, Energy, Mining, Mineral & Oil) - NEW

mPrest is seeking to partner with power utilities and companies in the Homeland Security market in Australia. mPrest is a leading provider of monitoring, control and analytical software for the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT), HLS and defense sectors. Its product-based platform “connects the dots”across diverse standards and complex systems. Acting as a “system of […]

Smart Films International (Business Opportunities, Construction) - NEW

Smart Films International (“SFI”) is a developer and manufacturer of Dynamic Smart Glass Solutions for the Architectural and Automotive markets. SFI provides the following dynamic glass solutions: Smart Film / Smart Glass Smart Film, also known as Switchable Film or Privacy Film is an innovative solution for Privacy on Demand. The Smart Film switches between […]

Pal Electronics Systems (Business Opportunities, Security & Safety) - NEW

Pal Electronics Systems is seeking to partner with distributors for security solutions  (access control) in Australia. Pal Electronics Systems delivers advanced secure access control systems along with cloud service abilities. They provide a wide range of accessories that make installation and service procedure effective and secure. Secured product range: GSM units 50 and up to […]

Triple-T (Business Opportunities, Water) - NEW

Triple-T is seeking to introduce its agricultural wastewater solution for nitrogen removal to dairy farms and piggeries in New Zealand and Australia. Triple-T, a subsidiary of WFI Group specializes in the design, construction, operation and consulting of wastewater treatment plants, with an emphasis on innovative technologies. Triple-T’s patented TAYA technology exemplifies this mission statement by […]

Nano Jewelry (Business Opportunities, Diamond & Jewelry)

  Nano Jewelry is seeking to partner with local jewellery distributors to reach high volume retailers. Displaying an exquisite ensemble of unique designs, the new collection comprises of necklaces with artistic 24K gold inspirations with different themes. Customers can choose from a wide variety of necklaces based on different themes, such as Love jewelry, Zodiac […]

EMC++ (Business Opportunities, Cosmetics & Toiletries)

EMC++ is seeking to partner with distributors to pharmacies and retail outlets for natural health products. EMC++ is a multi mineral and vitamin perfumed body spray. EMC++ was designed to change the way we enrich our bodies with minerals and vitamins. Don’t swallow  – Spray.  EMC++ is packed full of 12 minerals, 4 vitamins, Natural oils and […]

Noam Urim Enterprises (Business Opportunities, Life Science) - NEW

Noam Urim Enterprises is seeking medical distributors in Australia for its range of disposable fabrics for medical and hygiene use. Noam Urim is a leader in the manufacture and production of needle-punched non-woven fabrics. Products include finished wipes and rolled fabrics of different types such as dry cleaning wipes, soaped sponges for hygienic medical care, geotextiles, […]