Business Opportunities

Nicast (Business Opportunities, Life Science) - NEW

Nicast is seeking medical device distributors for its unique AVflo™ vascular access grafts. The potential distributor must cover vascular access for hemodialysis (not for chemotherapy). AVflo™ is a CE-marked, nanofiber graft for vascular access in hemodialysis providing initiation of dialysis within 24 hours, immediate self-sealing and minimal infection risk. It is available in the EU […]

Synergy Cables Ltd (Business Opportunities, Electronic) - NEW

Synergy Cables is seeking distributors for its LV flexible cables.  Synergy Cables is a manufacturer and global supplier of power and electrical cables. Established in 1934, Synergy offers a complete spectrum of products for power and control applications, ranging from low (LV), medium (MV) and high voltage (HV) power cables up to 161 kV; control, airfield lighting, […]

TransBiodiesel (Business Opportunities, Energy) - NEW

TransBiodiesel is seeking to connect with partners and investors in the biodiesel and waste collection and treatment industry to form a joint venture. The company is looking for joint ventures with biodiesel players, government organisations, corporate investors, VCd, and project investors.   TransBiodiesel is the manufacturer of unique immobilized enzymes used for the production of biofuel (biodiesel) […]

Lehavot Fire Protection Systems - NEW

Lehavot is seeking to partner with Australian suppliers of fire protection solutions and products. Lehavot has over 60 years of experience in the fire protection industry. The company designs, produces and supplies automatic fire protection systems to a wide range of industries, including: Industrial kitchens Transport industry Mining industry Heavy -duty off-road and agriculturual vehible industry […]

AD2 Management - NEW

AfterDox is seeking high net worth investors in Australia to invest in early stage Israeli hi-tech companies. Formed in 2008, AfterDox is a group of smart angels made up of more than 50 Israeli hi-tech executives who have known and worked with each other for decades. AfterDox’s partners are all current and former top executives – from […]

Nimrod Group (Business Opportunities, Fashion & Textiles) - NEW

The Nimrod Group is seeking opportunities to introduce the Elefanten children’s shoe brand into the Australian market. They are seeking to connect with the largest distributors for children’s shoes in Australia. The Nimrod Group specialises in children’s footwear and has more than 100 retail outlets in Israel. The company has an exclusive license to manufacture Elefanten […]

IOPtima (Business Opportunities, Life Science) - NEW

IOptima is seeking distributors for eye care products in Australia. The distributor needs to be capable of shipping and storing the product in cool conditions. IOptima is the licensee of LIPITEARTM, an innovative eye drop with the CE mark. LIPITEARTM is a preservative-free micro-emulsion that rebuilds the protective layer of the eye. It is suitable for […]

Greenroad (Business Opportunities, Transportation & Logistic) - NEW

Greenroad is seeking to connect with fleet managers in the utility/automotive and/or oil and gas sectors. Greenroad’s mobile platform and performance management experts equip companies with actionable data and personal guidance to optimise fleet and driver performance. GreenRoad’s mobile application transforms a driver’s mobile into an effective, in-vehicle driving coach. Real-time feedback is delivered through clear, understandable data […]

Sensibo (Business Opportunities, IT & Communication)

Sensibo is seeking distributors for smart home appliances in Australia. Sensibo  has developed a smart home device for remote-controlled air conditioners. Sensibo’s device connects air conditioners to the internet and allows the user to control temperature settings, fan speeds and timers from an app on their phone. Sensibo’s device optimizes temperature and humidity levels based […]

HeadsApp Technologies (Business Opportunities, IT & Communication)

HeadsApp Technologies is a young Israeli start-up for mobile app developers that is looking to connect with investors in Australia. The company’s goal is to simplify ad monetisation for mobile app developers by neutralising all technology complications and hassles. HeadsApp’s  technology platform offers a single agnostic code (SDK) and dashboard, enabling control and management of […]