Business Opportunities

Sensibo (Business Opportunities, IT & Communication) - NEW

Sensibo is seeking distributors for smart home appliances in Australia. Sensibo  has developed a smart home device for remote-controlled air conditioners. Sensibo’s device connects air conditioners to the internet and allows the user to control temperature settings, fan speeds and timers from an app on their phone. Sensibo’s device optimizes temperature and humidity levels based […]

HeadsApp Technologies (Business Opportunities, IT & Communication) - NEW

HeadsApp Technologies is a young Israeli start-up for mobile app developers that is looking to connect with investors in Australia. The company’s goal is to simplify ad monetisation for mobile app developers by neutralising all technology complications and hassles. HeadsApp’s  technology platform offers a single agnostic code (SDK) and dashboard, enabling control and management of […]

Haogenplast (Business Opportunities, Water) - NEW

Haogenplast is seeking to partner with Australian companies involved in manufacturing and installing floating covers for water reservoirs. Haogenplast specialises in producing PVC-based membranes (‘ElvaFlex’) that have a variety of applications – for example, for tank liners, sewage containment, food processing wastewater and many more. All membranes have optimal UV and chemical resistance. Haogenplast has successfully […]

Alona Shechter (Business Opportunities, Cosmetics & Toiletries) - NEW

Alona Shechter is seeking to distribute its premium range Dead Sea mineral products to skin clinics, spas, pharmacies and dermatologists in Australia. Alona Shechter is a company rich in knowledge in the area of innovation for beauty and health products. The company, which was founded in 1994, has a fine reputation in the cosmetics industry in […]

P2W (Pollution to Water) (Business Opportunities, Mining, Mineral & Oil) - NEW

P2W is seeking to partner with companies in the Australian mining industry. P2W provides advanced industrial waste water treatment systems for the mining industry, where it is responsible for several state-of-the-art patented solutions for the full destruction of cyanide, sulphates reduction etc. Based on its core Electro-Coagulation technology, P2W develops, markets, sells and installs the […]

Layani Fine Jewelry (Business Opportunities, Diamond & Jewelry) - NEW

Layani Fine Jewelry is seeking partners in the high-end watch and jewellery industry in Australia. Australian industry operators that will attend the 2017 Hong Kong International Jewellery Show are invited to visit the Layani exhibit. Layani Fine Jewelry is a high-end jewelry brand featuring the works of Israeli jewelry designer Sharon Layani. Layani’s jewellery is created […]

Sensoleak (Business Opportunities, Energy) - NEW

Sensoleak is seeking partners in the Australian oil and gas industry. Sensoleak has developed an advanced pipeline maintenance system that prevents oil and gas leakage and other critical failures in energy equipment. Sensoleak’s diagnostic system is based on a statistical algorithm that processes the data from the sensors installed on the diagnosed mechanical part. It monitors […]

Configo (Business Opportunities, IT & Communication)

Configo is looking to partner with corporates who develop apps in a highly regulated industry.  Configo is the “swiss army knife“ for mobile applications, aimed at providing an umbrella platform for all mobile application needs. Configo enables mobile focused teams to release new features in a controlled manner, test, measure, fine tune, and even disable them – […]

ExposeBox (Business Opportunities, IT & Communication)

ExposeBox is seeking to partner with e-retailers in Australia. ExposeBox provides media and analytics management solutions for suppliers of online marketplaces and classifieds. The ExposeBox platform allows the e-retailer to customise the shopping experience and tailor products and offers according to a customer’s exact tastes and browsing habits, promote relevant products at the right time and place, […]

Nir Nursery (Agriculture, Business Opportunities)

Nir Nursery is looking for an agent to market their plants in Australia. They supply specially cultivated varieties of native Australian plants. Nir Nursery deals with the introduction, breeding, acclimatization, development and propagation of plants from the southern hemisphere with a view to obtaining new varieties of cut flowers, foliage, flowering pot plants and garden […]