CartaSense Ltd. (Agriculture, Older Business Opportunities)

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CartaSense develops enabling wireless solutions for real time monitoring of agriculture goods and irrigation systems, based on low cost RF tags. CartaSense develops three families of products: 1) Bull Connect – monitor the cattle health condition in real time enabling taking immediate actions to stop epidemic breakout. 2) Bee Connect – enable view in real time the beehive healthy conditions taking immediate operation actions to avoid catastrophes. 3) Tree Connect – enable the farmer to take corrective actions in real time based on credible information where and how much to irrigate and by doing so to save water and other resources. CartaSense solution includes the means of remote controlling the tags and transferring its data to a central server. The solution also includes a web application that provides the user with a continuous view of its package status. This solution is ideal for applications demanding real time environmental conditions monitoring by low cost solution. CartaSense solution provides to her customer critical information in Real Time. Using CartaSense Solutions Customers can take corrective action before a permanent damage occurs.

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CartaSense Ltd.
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Sharon Soustiel (EVP Sales)