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The Professional Exhibition of the Israeli Building Center

The Israeli Building Center Group is proud to announce the opening of the registration to the BUILDING2012 show, the bi-annual Construction, Projects, Infrastructure and Mechanical Heavy Equipment Exhibition. The show will take place in the Exhibition Grounds in Tel Aviv, on May 8-10, 2012.

BUILDING2010 show, in which over 200 companies took part, was without a doubt the most professional show of the beginning of the decade.

BUILDING2012 show will be held for three days, as is the custom at trade shows. The show this year will also include professional tours for groups in construction, building and maintenance, institutions and more, early registration for trade professionals, professional conferences, and the business club for the Israeli Building Center business community. An emphasis will be given to industrialization of construction, green construction, energy efficiency and technological innovation.

The time is now to register for the BUILDING2012 show and guarantee your company a premium space in the largest event of 2012 in the fields of construction, projects and infrastructure.

Target Audience
Building architects, gardens and landscape architects, interior engineers, consultants, entrepreneurs, developers and administrators of assisted living, aluminum producers, hoteliers, project managers, purchasing managers, construction and maintenance managers, civil engineers, building engineers, ground engineers, geodetic engineers, plumbing engineers, electrical engineers, construction engineers, building inspectors, foremen, interior designers, real estate marketers, carpenters, contractors, construction contractors, waterproofing contractors, insulation and acoustics contractors, aluminum contractors, skeleton contractors, paint contractors, electric contractors, plumbing contractors, building cladding contractors, roads and traffic signal contractors, foundation work contractors, infrastructure contractors, soil contractors, remodeling contractors, businesses, HVAC contractors, local authorities, economics companies, city improvement departments, Schools of Engineering and Architecture.

Show’s Location, Dates and Hours of Operation
The show will be spread over halls 1,10, 15 and exterior grounds of the Exhibition Grounds in Tel Aviv. The show will be open to the public from Tuesday through Thursday, May 8-10, 2012, between 11:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m.
Professional Conferences
During the exhibition, Professional Conferences will be held in a variety of topics and fields. Throughout the conferences, the professional audience will be able to listen to and learn from leading lecturers. The conferences will be organized by a combined steering committee of organizations and associations from the building and infrastructure industry and the Israeli Building Center.

Companies Events
Events, conferences, and company launching can be held in the exhibition compound at the additional cost of the hall rental – lecture hall rental must be coordinated in advance.
Advertising and Public Relations
Prior to the exhibition, extensive advertising and public relations campaigns will be held in the different media and thousands of invitations will be distributed to the professional audience.

Early Registration to the Exhibition
Ahead of the exhibition, thousands of trade professionals will be offered early registration to the show using the exhibition website. The early registration will be accompanied by a special advertising campaign. The exhibition website will be running in the coming months.

Exhibition Visitors Registration
Computerized stations will be placed at the entrance to the exhibition to register the professional crowd. Entering the exhibition will be permitted only after wearing a visitors tag indicating name, profession and place of employment.
Business Club of the Business Community of the Israeli Building Center
Thousands of high-ranking industry leaders and decision-makers will be invited to arrive at the business club of the industry. The club is open throughout the exhibition hours and will offer the invitees a business center to hold business meetings, introductions and contact renewals with industry leaders.

Cost of Participation
Using display unit, unchanged, minimum 15 sqm to 19 sqm cost per sqm 1485 NIS
Using display unit, in an island/half island, minimum 20 sqm to 49 sqm cost per sqm 1430 NIS
Using display unit, in an island/half island, minimum 50 sqm to 99 sqm cost per sqm 1375 NIS
Using display unit, in an island/half island, minimum 100 sqm & up cost per sqm 1265 NIS
Display Units Include:
Electric power of 2 KW/Hr per 10 sqm
Pavilion 15 – 10 sqm of constructed display in a standard upgraded display area that includes:
Back wall, side partitions, painted wood front frame, wooden display with name of exhibitor, a table, two chairs, carpet, check lamp, electric power of 2 KW/Hr in one outlet (220 volt) and 5 lighting fixtures.
27,000 NIS

Exterior Space – minimum 50 sqm 450 NIS
Using display unit on open ground includes one electrical outlet of 2 KW/Hr single phase

*Prices do not include VAT

Materials/Applications Demonstration Compound
Between halls 13 & 14, a demonstration compound will be established only for those who exhibit in the show.
Cost – 280 NIS per sqm, minimum 50 sqm – the price includes one electrical outlet 2 KW/Hr single phase.

Exhibition Topics:
Industrialization of construction, green construction, energy efficiency, bathroom accessories, plumbing accessories, natural stone, building plumbing, building aluminum, massage baths and saunas, building blocks, lifting platforms, smart building, rapid construction, industrialized construction, bulldozers, bitumen, doors, valves and batteries, building steel, swimming pools, plaster and plaster products, roofs, hedging, smoke and fire detection, adhesives, expansion/drywall anchors, toggles and molly bolts, safety doors, entrance doors and interior doors, imaging, shading, level and sedimentation, water treatments, watering, window treatments, building glass, gyms, sealants, insulation, remodeling/recovery materials, basic/foundation materials, skeleton materials, wall siding, roof windows, aluminum, wood and steel windows, automated parking garages, electric and accessories, decorative plaster, thermal plaster, water technologies, tractors, chemicals, tools, painting tools, kitchen and bathroom fixtures, plywood and wood products, lockers, fans and blowers, portable structures, stairs, self leveling compound, soil/dirt transporters, concrete products, road safety products, traffic safety products, fountains, connectors, partitions, storages, backhoe, computers for the construction industry, shielding and shelters, recycling, hidden containers, marking and measuring instruments, forklifts, cranes, lifts, elevators, traffic and parking command and control systems, parking garages control systems, locks and cylinders, rails, concrete mixers, ventilation systems, heating systems, solar systems, switches, large developers, gutters, concrete pumps, trucks, ladders, bars, sheds, professional literature, hoists, environmental design, insulating panels, pergolas, decorative profiles, metalwork/fittings, flooring, lifting solutions, driving safety solutions, paint, safety equipment, street cleaning equipment, plumbing and sewer, soil testing equipment, mechanical construction equipment, drilling equipment, decorative coverings, gas piping, stainless steel piping, steel piping, plastic piping, infrastructure piping, construction, acoustic walls, fireplaces, ceramics, commercial vehicles, office furniture, street furniture, prefabricated components, roof shingles, nets, exterior flooring, central vacuum cleaners, concrete and surfaces recovery, detection and protection services for vehicles, loaders, construction methods, marble, gates and barriers, portable toilets, project management software, planning and design software, concrete additives, signs and signage, sewers, electrical conduits, ductwork, acoustic ceilings, stretched ceilings, shutters, infrastructure.

The Professional Exhibition of the Israeli Building Center
Construction, Projects, and Infrastructure
Construction Industry Business Stage
May 8-10, 2012
Tuesday through Thursday 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Exhibition Grounds, Tel Aviv
Details and Registration
For more details’ maps, and reserving space please contact:
Shay Paz 054-3333048
Dana Bechor 054-7777098
Additional Information in the exhibition website

Event Details

8th - 10th May 2012
11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Exhibition Grounds, Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv, Israel

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