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By way of review – BlueDesert® is an Israeli company located in the Negev Desert.  We have been manufacturing innovative products and accessories for over 22 years.  We produce seven lines of products:
SmarTube® (drinking system for bottles), SmarTube® hydration pack (water bottle hydration packs), Keep2go™ (personal travel tube container), Cap2go™ (ClipCap™ bottle carrier), Bottelito™ (TemPocket™ insulated Neoprene bottle cover), H2bike™ (drinking system for cyclists), and DriveSafe™ (automotive
headrest drinking system & organizers).  For additional information, all of the BlueDesert® product lines can be viewed in detail at our websites: www.bluedesert.co.il or www.naturevolution.com .

The years of 2009 & 2010 were very exciting for us.  We were exhibiting in many different trade shows (ISPO 2009, Outdoor show Germany, Eurobike Show, ISPO winter 2010 and more). 2009 & 2010 were our most dynamic and successful Show ever.
Our new patent-pending products – Keep2go™, Cap2go™ & Bottelito™, were well-received and resulted in the booking of a large number of new orders.  Continually growing and evolving, the core of the existing line, SmarTube®, maintains solid momentum in numerous markets and applications.

Moving forward, our challenge is to duplicate these successes into your market.  To do this, we need a strong, committed, and experienced distributor.  We think that BlueDesert and you would be a good combination and we hope that you can feel the excitement and see the potential that working with us offers.

Our next show is Eurobike 2010 in Friedrichshafen, Gremany Hall B5 stand 111 (September 1st-4th 2010)

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