Australian National Broadband Network

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In late 2008, the Federal Government of Australia announced it will start a company, called NBN Co., that will invest up to AU$43 billion over eight years to build and operate a National Broadband Network (NBN) delivering superfast broadband to Australian homes and workplaces through cabled fiber to the home, satellite and wireless technologies.

The NBN will not only allow businesses and families to surf the net faster, it will also open whole new industries such as Television transmitted over the internet, telemedicine, distance learning and many others.

 With the establishment of the NBN the Israel Trade Commission (ITC) in Sydney believe that there is a huge opportunity for Israeli Companies to tender for certain projects and/or allying with the largest Australian Telecommunication Group and to participate in the formation of the NBN. Whether it be supplying the cables for the fiber to the home network, or the back end operational systems, there will be a huge infrastructure being set up all over Australia. 

Everyday there is new information about the formation of the NBN Co., with already a CEO, CFO and other executive positions been filled and they have already opened the tender process in Tasmania (the most southern and least populated State of Australia), which is being run as a test-bed for this technology.

To view the NBN Co. website, please click here.

The NBN Company is looking to receive Capability Statements from experienced suppliers of Fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) and related active equipment (Aggregation and Transmission Equipment) to support the deployment of a point-to-point and gigabit passive optical (GPON) network.  You can do this by going to

NBN CO has released its Consultation paper with the industry.

Some of the largest news stories from the NBN will be add to this website weekly for you information.

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