Australian Government rejects Senate NBN report

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The Federal Government will ignore a coalition-dominated Senate committee’s call for a cost-benefit analysis into the National Broadband Network (NBN).

Of the 12 recommendations made by the committee, the Rudd government has agreed with just one, which advocates the development of new applications that promote economic development and improvements in health, education and energy efficiency..

The NBN has a price tag of $43 billion and has been touted by the government as the largest infrastructure project ever undertaken in Australia.

The committee, in its third report into project, recommended a rigorous cost-benefit analysis be done before the NBN Co enters into any new asset purchasing agreements for the mainland deployment.

But despite the cost, the government is continuing to refuse to conduct such an analysis. It has also refused to agree to the committee’s recommendation that an interim report of an implementation study due early next year be provided by December 31.

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