ATID Network Schools & Colleges (Education)

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“Atid” is the largest, privately-owned, educational network in the Israel that specializes in management and operation of advanced technological schools and colleges attended by 25,000 students every year.

“Atid” was established in 1990, owns 9 colleges, 20 high schools and 5 youth institutions, employing 1500 professional instructors.  Providing a quality, suitable response to population from different socio-economic and educational levels.

In addition, “Atid” offers programs for technicians and practical engineers in advanced technology vocations in demand, enabling its students to cope with tomorrow’s challenges.

“Atid” grants its graduates with a recognized diploma which assist in promising rewarding careers in the business and industrial sectors.

Atid’s philosophy is to provide every student with an equal opportunity to fully realize their skills and abilities, and endowing them with professional leverage for their future financial security and personal advancement.

Business Details

ATID Network Schools & Colleges
P.O.Box 59554, Tel Aviv 67613, Israel
972 4 840 3840
972 54 777 7265
972 4 840 3841
Contact Person
Itzhak Daniely