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Archeological summer activities at the City of David

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Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

In addition to visiting the fascinating archeological discoveries at the City of David, tourists and visitors can enjoy a host of special activities this summer.

The Archaeological Experience at the Emek Tzurim National Park – Discovering the Past Hidden in the Dust [The Temple Mount Sifting Project

  • a unique exploration and an interesting, fun learning experience that reveals the Temple Mount’s glorious past. Sift through rubble that originated in ancient buildings atop the Temple Mount while learning about the artifacts from expert archaeologists and guides at the site. Guided activities offered daily at set times.

Biblical City of David Tour – A Journey through Time to the Place Where it all Began…

  • Tour the heart of ancient Jerusalem, the city of kings and prophets, where half of the books of the Bible were written and where the most stirring, remarkable artifacts discovered in recent years in Jerusalem were unearthed. On the guided tour, you will encounter an impressive underground world in the ancient water system (Warren’s Shaft), as well as take an exciting walk illuminated by flashlights in the waters of the Gihon Spring that flow through Hezekiah’s Tunnel. Guided tours in Hebrew and English offered daily. Tours in French on Sundays and Wednesdays.

In the Footsteps of the Pilgrims – New Discoveries and Revelations from the Second Temple Period [Ascend to Zion]

  • Second Temple period Jerusalem was an exquisite city of international importance, and remains of this opulent past can be seen at the City of David. This captivating tour in the footsteps of the architects and builders of the city includes recent archaeological discoveries, as well as the antique luxury and splendor of the Shiloah (Siloam) Pool and the Herodian Road. The tour includes a 3D film. Guided tours offered at set times daily.

Enchanted Jerusalem– The New Nighttime Experience at the City of David

  • The new night tour at the City of David begins with a breathtaking night overlook from our “Hatzofeh” lookout point which emphasizes the unique, low position of the biblical City of David in comparison with Jerusalem’s Old City walls. 3D movie and guided nighttime illuminated tour. to the ancient Royal Acropolis (Area G), where you will conclude with an artistic light show projected on the antiquities, telling the story of the City of David through movement and sound. The new tour is offered nightly throughout the summer.

Twilight at the City of David

  • Magical three-hour evening tours in a special, quiet ambience, of the place where it all began. View the city as night begins to fall, watch a 3D movie, visit the new excavations of David’s Palace and walk through underground passageways to Hezekiah’s tunnel. Conclude with harp melodies at the “King’s Garden. ” canopied by ancient olive trees. Appropriate for families, includes stairs.

Segway Tour – The Vehicle of the Future Takes the Paths of the Past

  • Guided Segway tours opposite the Armon Hanatziv Promenade and amongst the trees of the Peace Forest. Complimentary coffee corner.  The guided Segway tours are conducted daily at set times.

Following the Water to Jerusalem – Hasmonean Aqueduct Tour

  • Flashlight tour of the two 2000 year old aqueducts constructed to bring water from the Pools of Solomon (near Bethlehem) to the Temple and upper city. Incredible views of Ancient Jerusalem and a closer look at the sophisticated water system project that Herod built. The meeting point for the tour is at the bird statue on the promenade. During the summer, guided tours will be offered at set times daily.

Kidron Monuments Tour – A tour to the massive, elaborate monuments in the Kidron Valley

  • Tour of the Kidron Valley that cuts through and separates between the hill upon which the City of David lies and the Mount of Olives, and served for generations as the municipal border of the city.

Bicycling Along the Promenade

  • Family outing on four-wheeled bicycles along the Armon Hanatziv Promenade

Outdoor Jerusalem Trivia

  • With a map, trivia cards and cell phone in hand, navigate your way to answer questions and solve riddles about Jerusalem’s history.

Jerusalem Paintball – War Games in the Peace Forest

  • Paintball against the backdrop of the Peace Forest with the Armon Hanatziv Promenade in the near distance. This action packed, competitive game is appropriate for all kinds of players above the age of 12. Open at set times daily.

Pine Cones- A Jerusalem Craft

A fun and original family workshop for pre-schoolers in the Jerusalem Peace ,with arts and crafts instructors.

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