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AE40 Ltd, provides the VSS VoIP based voice communication and event mass notification solutions designed for command & control centers found in many public safety organizations, utilities, transportation, safe city, situation awareness command and control centers.

VSS – IP intercom/RoIP solutions

The VSS platform  enable customer’s operators to efficiently communicate using radio, telephone, intercom, cellular, announcement

The entire communication is performed using a headset attached to the operator’s computer and an extremely easy to use GUI application.

The solution provides the following capabilities

  • Multi user, multi network, multi radio gateway support.
  • Equipment and cabling saving
  • Ease of use (each user can select networks for rx/tx and their rx relative volume level)
  • Radio bridge
  • Telephone/mobile telephone can be used as terminal from which radio networks can be rx/tx
  • Mass event notification capability (upon event the system shall deliver voice messages to tel. lines, radio networks, public announcement channels, and send e-mails and sms per the activated event procedure)
  • Simulation and training capabilities with advanced graphic scenario designer application
  • The entire voice communication can be recorded
  • The application is designed to easily be integrated within command and control applications
  • Standard VoIP protocols
  • Full API

Business Details

Hasadna 13 P.O.B 2404, Raanana , Israel
+972 9 743 8410
+972 54 544 2001
+972 9 740 5343
Contact Person
Avishai Elazar (CEO)