Mission Statement


The Israel Trade Commission in Sydney is an agency of the Foreign Trade Administration under the Israeli Ministry of Economy and Industry.

 We are your bridge to the Israeli industry!

Our goal is to promote, enhance and facilitate trade, investment and industrial R&D between Australia and Israel.

Through a focus on the strengths and requirements of both the Oceania and Israeli markets, the Trade Commission works to develop strategic bilateral partnerships through identifying exciting new investment opportunities and perform scouting activities for Australian companies for the latest innovation coming out of Israel.

The proactive work of the Trade Commission is split into different portfolios, including high tech telecommunications and new media, medicine and life sciences, agricultural technology, water and clean technology and food and consumer products.

The Israel Trade Commission to Oceania is based in Sydney. The Trade Commission is led by the Israeli Trade Commissioner, Mr Shai Zarivatch, and supported by a dedicated team of staff who work to ensure that this department continues to add real value as the foremost experts in connecting Oceania businesses to the best suited counterparts, technologies and innovations in Israel.

To contact the team at the Trade Commission, please email us or phone on +61 2 9388 0382.

Our Team

Mr Shai Zarivatch, Israel Trade Commissioner

Ms Cece Zhu
Responsible for the following industries: Fintech, Mobile, Software, IT and IoT, Homeland Security (HLS), Avitation, Space and Maritime, Energy & Renewables, Food and Beverages, Retail, E-commerce and Consumer goods, Investments and VCs

Ms Emily Pauna
Responsible for the following industries: Cyber Security, Agriculture, Water Technologies, Life Sciences and Medtech, Digital and New Media, Packaging and Plastics, Industry 4.0, Mining