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Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

25,000 runners and 100,000 supporters and participants are expected to partake in the Tel-Aviv Gillette Marathon events this year, the largest and leading international sporting event in Israel taking place Friday, March 30th 2012.

 The marathon, considered one of the leading and professional marathons in Israel is already a tradition and is one of the key international events in Tel Aviv.

The Tel Aviv-Yafo municipality brands this marathon as an international sporting event, and as such, large parts of the city will be closed for the runners as occurs during the largest marathons worldwide.

This year, the runners are offered a unique urban course, passing through every central street of the city, in order to allow the tens of thousands running and participating a unique running experience, including the most attractive sites and streets of the city such as Dizengoff st, Rothschild Avenue, Azrieli Towers, Sharona community, Ramat Ha’Chayal area, Rabin Square, the renovated boardwalk, the Tachana, Habima Theater and more. 

The marathon will offer 7 different courses of varying difficulties, allowing thousands of runners of all ages to partake in the different heats. The Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality adopted the Australian Marathon model: A large-scale event, offering activities for runners of different ability and family activities, including a children’s course (420m) and an ‘I can do it too’ course, of 4.2 km allowing beginner or amateur runners to partake in the experience.    

 The marathon courses:

  • Full Marathon (42.195Km)
  • Half Marathon (21Km)
  • Urban Run (10Km)
  • 10% Race (4.2Km)
  • Hand Cycle Race
  • Children’s Race (420M)
  • Rollerblades Half-Marathon

Registration fee: varying from 90NIS per heat (4.2 km-10% race) and up to 250NIS for the full marathon heat, subject to the race and registration time.

For further details/registration: